Michael Laderman
Flute Performer


"I studied with Michael Laderman for four years while earning my Bachelors in Music. When I first came to him, I had not played in 8 years. In that period I had managed to retain my old bad habits and even pick up some new ones! Using incredible patience and a fantastic eye for posture and technique, he was able to rebuild my playing from the ground up. Michael's method deals with both fundamental technical issues that are applicable to any student, as well as the specific stylistic needs of the individual's particular interest. I certainly would not be the player I am today without him." -- Barry Seroff, professional musician and composer

"I studied with Michael Laderman for four years. Through this time period, he taught me unique and special techniques that improved my flute playing significantly. He had told me everything that he wanted me to improve on when we first started lessons, and through this time period I grew greatly not only with my new technique towards flute playing, but also mentally. Michael is a very talented musician with great teaching skills with the right patience a teacher needs to have towards struggling students. He is a phenomenal teacher and a great person. I would highly recommend Michael Laderman for anybody who wants to learn flute accurately and excellently with a marvelous musician, and person, as their teacher." --