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Alex Greenleaf

Singer, Guitarist, Harmonica player, Whistler, Jaw's Harp player, etc.

The fantastic Alex and I constitute The Brooklyn Squires. Our core repertoire is the sweet jazz and popular music from the 1890s-1930s, interspersed with classic Irish, English and Appalachian ballads and reels, old-time country blues and a few selections of the best R&B and  country tunes for a change of pace, plus some of his own songs, in a classic rock 'n' roll style, which you can hear on his website, Alex has a great patter between songs, too. If you want to hear the music of yesteryear come to life or just want to dance, hire us!

Margaret O'Connell


I was a fan and colleague of Maggie's before I became her boyfriend, so when I say she's a fantastic musician and actress, it's not just bias talking. We met each other rehearsing and performing a contemporary classical song cycle by American composer Tamara Cashour, and we love to perform classical and musical theatre music together on joint recitals or as part of programs also featuring other musicians. If you want to hear samples of her work, check out her website,

David Picton, Emiko Hayashi, Roger Blanc

New York Composers Circle Jazz Quintet Members

I have gigged a lot with these fine folks, both within the NYCC Jazz Quintet and in other combinations including duos. Roger is the guitarist who leads the band; Dave, who is also a fine pianist, plays drums; and Emiko plays keyboard. The four of us, always accompanied by an excellent bassist, also compose new jazz tunes for the group, which has performed sets of new jazz a few times a year at Zinc Bar in New York's Greenwich Village since 2012.

Our core repertoire when we're not playing our new works is straight-ahead jazz, and Dave has a good electric keyboard that he can bring to a venue when that's called for. We have played at clubs in Greenwich Village, on concert series in gardens in Manhattan, for terrific audiences of senior citizens and even in Washington Square Park around Christmastime.

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